Sharon Quinn

MUSE coffee + food is a family run café, all about serving the best quality food, specialty coffee and sweet treats with excellent service.  

Sharon Quinn has been developing the idea for MUSE coffee + food for a long time, and when the opportunity arose to locate it in the magnificent Butler Gallery, Kilkenny, Sharon and the whole family packed up and moved lock, stock and barrel from Dublin to Kilkenny to make this dream come true!

With a family background and experience in hospitality, Sharon loves good food and is passionate about nutritional medicine and the power of food to promote health and well being.

At MUSE, we are thrilled to bring you delicious, fresh, wholesome food that makes you happy, served to you in the unique and stunning location of Butler Gallery, Evans’ Home, Kilkenny. Muse Catering offers creative, exceptional catering for parties and events.


Established in 1943, Butler Gallery is the leading contemporary art gallery and museum in the South East of
Ireland. Recently relocated from Kilkenny Castle to the beautifully restored Evans’ Home in Kilkenny with a rich and varied heritage.

Butler Gallery now tells its story whilst exhibiting its collection and showcasing the best of contemporary Irish and international art through its main exhibition gallery.

Evans’ Home had a fascinating history spanning eight centuries and has evolved from a priory for Augustinian Priests in 13 th Century to a Military Barracks during the Cromwellian invasion in the mid 17th Century.  The building was recommissioned as an Alms House in the early 19th Century by Quaker Philanthropist Joseph Evans’ to provide a home for retired domestic servants.

Today Butler Gallery provides visitors with a unique experience of art and history telling the story of Kilkenny’s historic, social, architectural and creative heritage against the backdrop of the magnificent collection of 19th and 20th century Irish art, the stunning walled gardens,  state of the art digital gallery and learning centre.

For more information visit www.butlergallery.ie